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Babes & Letters

Liliana Coraline | Mermaid Garden

Liliana Coraline | Mermaid Garden

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In the depths of the cerulean ocean, where sunlight dances upon the waves, resides Liliana Coraline, a mermaid of unparalleled beauty. Her mesmerizing teal tail, shimmering with a brilliance that rivals the finest gemstones, glides gracefully through the tranquil waters.

Perched upon a majestic clam shell throne adorned with a tapestry of exquisite blooms, Liliana exudes regality and elegance. Each delicate petal, vibrant and fragrant, symbolizes the flourishing beauty that thrives in her underwater realm.

As a guardian of the ocean's secrets, Liliana embraces her role with grace and compassion. Her kind heart and gentle spirit touch the souls of all who encounter her, leaving an indelible imprint of awe and fascination.


Introducing our enchanting Mermaid Garden Collection, where the allure of blooming petals intertwines with the mesmerising charm of mermaids. Perfect for all mermaid lovers and those who appreciate the mystery, magic and  beauty of the enchanting underwater realm.

Available in four delightful sizes, printed onto our premium 100% cotton card (slightly textured with a matte finish) with archival standard inks. A3 sized prints are printed onto our stunning linen card. 

Paper Type

We use a variety of stunning, premium card types ranging in weight from 280gsm to 310gsm per sheet.

Depending on which print is being produced we use both 100% cotton card and our beautifully textured linen card.

All A3 prints site-wide are printed using 280gsm acid-free linen.

All Babes + Letters’ products are printed using archival standard (fade resistant) inks.

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$9 flat rate Aus Wide on all standard orders (excluding framed prints).

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$12 flat rate Aus Wide on all express orders.

Please refer to our shipping guide for a full breakdown of shipping costs and timeframe estimates, as well as shipping information for international orders.

We do not accept returns or exchanges on any of our products.


Print size options vary between products.

Please refer to the product description for print size availability.

5 x 7” (13 x 18cm)

8 x 10” (20 x 25cm)

A5 (14.8 x 21cm)

A4 (21 x 29.7cm)

A3 (29.7 x 42cm)

Care Instructions

To ensure the quality of your print remains intact we highly recommend any handling of your piece is kept to an absolute minimum. Select a good quality, acid free frame for displaying your piece and always keep out of direct sunlight, away from moisture and out of reach of little hands.

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